Notes and Musings:


    On this Mother’s Day, let us all honor those women who gave us life. Thank you for making the decision to do so. It is the most incredible and powerful gift that God could have given to us – the amazing miracle allowing us to create, carry, protect and give life to another human being. […]

    Distrust and Verify

    We know that the journey of life teaches you many things and many lessons. The key is to learn from them and try not to repeat them. Isn’t that what every adult always preached to you when you were younger? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Remember that. Over […]

    I’m 50 Bitches!

    Today marks my milestone birthday – the one you know that will eventually arrive but most of us are conditioned to believe it will be the end of the world as we know it! Not me. I plan on wearing this shirt all day to let everyone know I have arrived. YES. YES. YES. I’m […]


    Did it really start for me in 1972? My mindset, that is? I was just 6 years old and in the second grade at Nayatt Elementary School in Barrington, RI and I just loved to sing. This is going to freak some of you out, but I knew every word to Neil Sedaka’s “Laughter in […]

    Time Will Either Promote You Or Expose You.

    I’ve been slacking! I have been distracted for a couple of weeks taking care of business! But today I woke up and said, I need to write so I can get away from all the political news! GOOD GRIEF! I need to hide all TV remotes and avoid all news websites to stay away from […]

    “You Can’t Get In There”

    Hey Moms out there.   I know you may have a similar story. I have to write about it because I want the world to know how proud I am of my son at this moment, on this day, right now. I used to worry about raising my son in Scottsdale, AZ because it is quite […]


    “I get to, I don’t have to” Every day people say I have to go to work, I have to pay bills, I have to go grocery shopping, I have to take my kid to practice, I have to cook dinner, I have to go on a business trip, I have to clean my house, […]

    New England Fans Were Born This Way

    Why are all New England sports fans so fiercely loyal?  If you even think about bad mouthing our teams, players, coaches, management or fans, it may come down to fisticuffs! I’m not kidding. For all the New England haters who do not understand, here’s the deal. It starts at birth. If you are born in […]


      One of my famous lines… “Why draw when you can trace? Why trace when you can copy?” And ironically enough, I have “copied” that saying from someone else and I repeat it often. The minute I heard it, I was like… that’s brilliant and it’s true. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as […]

    The Ocean Totally Creeps Me Out

    The ocean totally creeps me out. There is something so mysterious about it — the darkness, the coldness, and the unpredictability of it. One minute it’s calm and peaceful, the next minute it’s violent and angry. The ocean is so damn moody. They always blame it on mother nature but I think it has a […]

    Boys Are Just Trouble

    For the past 4 weeks, I have been witnessing, hearing about, and giving advice to a bunch of drop dead gorgeous, in shape, charismatic, super smart, fun, outgoing sorority sisters on their trials and tribulations of dating boys…from ages 19-23. To be young again…!!! When they ask me for advice, I tell them boys are […]

    Brock the Artist!

    Last Monday, I went out for happy hour with my girlfriend Via who is my long time friend. Our friendship actually started in AZ when I walked into a fitness place in Scottsdale, two months pregnant, and asked for the best female trainer they had. I had just moved to Scottsdale and did not have […]

    Become More With Less

    I think I hoard clothes and unknowingly create clutter. I cannot believe how many clothes are in my freaking closet, which obviously I have accumulated over years and years. Shoes, boots, sneakers, clothes, purses, jackets, coats, blazers, dress pants, jeans, shirts, tennis skirts, golf clothes, shorts, tanks etc. I have business attire, work out attire, […]

    2016 New Year’s Resolution to Frequently Fly Again

    I must have logged a gazillion miles on a plane, and it’s now almost 3.5 decades of flying. My early career had me flying every Thursday through Monday, at a minimum, to an NHRA drag race or a NASCAR race or some other business or sports related meetings. If you follow motorsports, you know you […]

    The Ferri’s Xmas Eve ala Italiana

    As the holidays approach, I am thinking about one of my favorite traditions and it’s the way my family celebrates the Italian Xmas Eve. I grew up in New England and my entire family, biological, adoptive, by blood and choice and spirit still lives there. And yes, all of us are a little bit Italian. […]

    The Moment Your Youngest Gets Their Driver’s License

      The last couple of weeks have been full of emotion and anxiety and there are many moms out there like me who have been through it several times –but does it EVER get easier? I am here to say “Hell No”. I have a 19 year old daughter and another 16 year old son […]

    T’was the Night at Super Walmart

    If something can get me to Walmart during the endless nights before Christmas, it would be a little six year old girl who I have never had the pleasure of meeting. She is more of an imaginary friend at this point; one I think, I won’t out grow.  But here I am at Super Walmart, […]

    What I Learned From MLB Legend Don Baylor

    What I Learned from MLB Legend Don Baylor. Don Baylor is a Major League Baseball Coach and former MLB Baseball player and manager. During his 19 seasons in the major leagues, Baylor was a power hitter known for crowding the plate. He was a first baseman, left fielder and DH. He played for 6 different […]

    Do you put your core values to practice?

    What provokes or prompts you to revisit your values? Do you go over them every a.m. or after church on Sunday? Do you discuss, make them known prior, or feel the need to announce or reinstate them after someone or something goes against your core values and conflict has already risen? Being Italian and epigenetically […]

    I love the ones who want to be remarkable

    So it’s an interesting paradox. As the world gets more turbulent, more and more people seek safety. They want to eliminate as much risk as they can from their businesses and their careers.  And most people mistakenly believe the way to do that is to play it safe.  To hide.  They close their minds and stop looking […]

    Some people would rather be called stupid than lazy………….

    Do you think you need to have super intelligence to be successful in life?  Do you think stacking up the degrees will guarantee it? Hey, I’m not dissing getting good grades. In fact, I am on my kids every day to do their homework, study and do their best.  But I am really promoting the “process”. I […]

    Sabotaging Force of Team Performance

    The Single Most Sabotaging Force of Team Performance When a duck falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to fly alone. Left out of formation for too long it will eventually tire out and drop out completely. We see this happen on sports teams when one player tries to […]

    Do you love being the center of attention?

    Something magical happens, a sense of calm, when you stop needing all the attention directed toward yourself and instead let others have the glory.   The need for excessive attention is rooted in your ego, the part that says, look at me, I’m special, I am more interesting that you, my accomplishments are slightly more important […]

    Tip: Understand the difference between sales and marketing and use them both!

    It’s a matter of perspective what we have to offer.  It’s a matter of motive to whom we are offering it.  I always listen to different perspectives on this subject, Sales vs. Marketing. I’ve heard “nothing happens until someone sells something” or “the product sells itself”  or

    Are you a Team Player?

    Extraordinary performers who hog the limelight are likely to inspire jealousy and contention instead of admiration. The truly great superstars are those who are willing to share the glory with their teammates. Henry Aaron, major-league baseball’s all-time home-run leader, was an accomplished team player. He once said that if he came to bat in the […]

    Become less of a Tiger and more of a Panther

    So there I sat sipping a Baileys on the rocks, waiting for my close friend and mentor, Dave, to meet me in the bar at one of the most famous, old and charming resorts in Arizona.  I remember it like it was yesterday. It was September, 1998.  I needed advice, counsel, inspiration, a different perspective….something […]

    Is it a Sign?

    So this just happened.  In a 6 week period, I got 3 random phone calls from 3 different people wanting me to speak or train, all with different companies or events. It’s been about 3 years since I was on stage, but I was flattered. I mean, they remembered me. Then I started thinking about […]

    Tap Into A Need That Already Exists

    If you are selling the juiciest, tastiest cheeseburgers in the world, but no one is hungry, they aren’t buying them. When you are talking to your prospects about your business, find out if they are hungry first!  You must do one thing effectively.  You must tap into a need that already exists for them.  You need […]

    Self Discipline – Success demands it.

    IF SELF DISCIPLINE IS NOT ONE OF YOUR PERSONALITY TRAITS – ACQUIRE IT FAST  If you have an aversion to work, discipline and commitment, go find a comfy couch, put the TV back on, grab a beer, and hope for the next infomercial promising overnight success, as long as you have access to credit card. We have […]


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