I always joke that I could write a bestseller about my life (and my Mom begs me too) because I have to tell you, it has been full of adventure, excitement with amazing and interesting experiences. I was born and raised in a small town in New England, with a loving, hardworking family, with strong values.  But, I must admit, the small town girl had big, big dreams. I always knew I would succeed, but my path wasn’t always filled with rainbows and butterflies.  I can’t wait to share these stories with all of you and the life and business lessons I learned along the way!

School was easy for me; a student-athlete with straight A’s…a real tom-boy at heart (no initial choice of mine, thanks to Dad).  Little did I know then how sports, teamwork, sacrifice, camaraderie, leadership, victory and loss, competition and loyalty would become the fabric of who I am today-

For some reason, my decisions always took me down the harder path…Work started at age 14 for me because I was money motivated. At 20 years old, without a college degree, I entered Corporate America (big time Corporate America) while waitressing and taking college courses at night. College took forever, but I learned quickly that no one worked harder than me, no one stayed later, no one tried harder, no one wanted success more than me.

By the time I was 25, I was directing the multi-million dollar sports marketing and motorsports program for a Fortune 100 and I had a degree.  At age 31, I left New England for Arizona to head up the marketing for a $250 million dollar company, which went public the same year.  What a whirlwind year.  The next year, I left the corporate world for entrepreneurship and started my own full service marketing and advertising agency which I ran for the next 14 years.   In 2012, I launched a software and digital marketing services company, so I am one busy chick!

It’s been a great run with a lot of personal growth along the way… I will share how this all happened, how I ended up in these situations and circumstances, the decisions and the opportunities and challenges I faced along the way and the incredible lessons learned.  That’s the bestseller part… trust me.

One of my mentors said, sometimes what you think is a “set back” is really a “set up” for your next opportunity.  Timing is everything.

25 years of marketing, business building, entrepreneurship and significant networking has led us to the creation, development and management of several companies.

Ciao, Gina  XO