Wow.  It’s been a good run so far….I have over 25 years of marketing expertise under my belt (yes, I’m old). I was very fortunate to spend 12 years in the corporate world being trained, mentored and groomed for the marketing jobs some people would only dream about –before I became an entrepreneur.

I have so many years of managerial experience in business, marketing communications, product marketing, merchandising, licensing, sports marketing, motorsports, sales promotion, event planning, franchising, and the list goes on. (guys, 25+ years is a long time!)

I actually have specialized knowledge of the sports marketing and entertainment industries and have negotiated major marketing contracts and product licensing agreements with businesses and sports personalities in those industries. I spent quite a bit of time in the professional motorsports world (specifically NASCAR and NHRA Drag Racing) and I was fortunate to design marketing programs and licensing agreements with many fortune 500 companies like Universal Studios, DreamWorks, Honeywell, Coca-Coca, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Castrol and more. You may even know of these programs as they generated millions of dollars in incremental sales and have been recognized as some of the best in the business.  I was also fortunate to have worked with some of most amazing, professional race car drivers in the world.

I am also a trained negotiator. During my corporate career, I served as the lead negotiator for sport’s team sponsorships, series title events, track sponsorships, television rights, signage and licensing agreements. I have extensive experience working with professional and collegiate teams and sanctioning bodies in developing event marketing programs, including the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, USGA and NCAA, the Super Bowl, the U.S. Open and the NCAA Final Four.

I have been recognized by the National Direct Marketing Association for my work in developing a highly successful lead generation program with NBA star Michael Jordan (that was cool) and I am the recipient of the four National Gold Key Awards by the Incentive Manufacturers Representatives Association.

After my corporate run, I became a traditional business owner in 1999 and founded a full service marketing and advertising agency in Scottsdale, AZ.  Visit  In 2012,  my husband and I launched a new data driven technology company specializing in software development and digital marketing solutions and secured a national partnership with Hearst Media.  In 2014, after a 6 year hiatus following the 2008 sale of our globally franchised synthetic turf company — now owned and operated by a Berkshire Hathaway Company — we re-entered the industry we know so well with our new company   We love building businesses.  Today, I reside in Arizona with husband and my three teenagers and our beloved 3 lb. Yorkie “Diva” ….and yes, she is one :).  Life is good!

Ciao, Gina XO