Work from home business coachHow it all began

Becoming an entrepreneur was not how my career began.  I cut my teeth inside a $20 billion dollar corporate giant for over 11+ years first.  I will tell you it was a great experience, a great training ground and a great set up for what would become my true calling.

It was a single defining moment in 1998.  That was the catalyst that led me to decide to ditch working for someone else other than me.  I was actually advised to become a business owner.  I had no idea how to start a business but given the  fact I had orchestrated some big and complex deals as an employee, certainly I was resourceful enough to figure this out — right?  Now almost 17 years later with multiple businesses, I LOVE THAT I AM MY OWN BOSS.

See what I am involved in now:

Celebrity Greens is the premier artificial turf company in North America.  We offer many residential and commercial synthetic turf applications and we deliver this through our national dealer network.

Celebrity Greens is the leader and the master in the design and installation of golf greens, golf complexes and short courses in the world.  We visualize, design and build the most scenic artificial turf golf projects —and we do it on a grand scale. Whatever level of play you desire, our promise is to create the perfect escape for those who want to live life to the fullest and experience the luxury of private golfing at its finest.


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Panther has built a solid reputation as a fully engaged, “hands on” marketing company that offers unparalleled creativity, strategic thinking and real-world results. When companies hire Panther Marketing, they hire a team of professionals who bring a high level of expertise, strategic thinking, partnership and passion to the table.

We know that to successfully build a brand for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies, a shared vision and teamwork between the agency and client must exist.

We have one objective: to enhance each of our client’s perceptions in the marketplace and increase profits. And we do that with progressive strategic thinking and highly-targeted, next-generation creative solutions


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