You know, I have always been told I’m a persuasive talker….I guess that’s a good thing. ūüôā Corporate “personality testing” confirmed many moons ago that I was highly extroverted, intuitive,¬†and perceptive. Those characteristics helped me socially and¬†in business, especially when building relationships and negotiating¬†business deals.¬†¬†But the truth is…I really was not suited for Corporate America, and¬†ironically I spent 12 years there!¬† The executives¬†there were smart; they cast me in the only management job (not sales)¬†that would¬†put me on a plane every week so I could¬†leave the office.¬† That’s when¬†I really got my¬†education about business and life.

Okay, so yes….I was a born communicator and I did it, you know, effectively.¬† But, I was not a born “public speaker”…and yes,¬†there is a huge difference.¬† I had occasional responsibilities¬†to speak in front of large groups….client meetings,¬†award ceremonies,¬†press conferences, the media.¬† No big deal.

My career path would take me¬†in a direction where I would find myself speaking and training publicly¬†all the time…in front of hundreds and thousands of people!

Ciao, Gina XO