Why are so Many Busy Professionals Starting Home-Based Businesses in This Economy?

Here’s why…Jobs are being slashed or eliminated entirely in dozens of key industries.  Turning on the news is absolutely depressing. There is enormous fear, anxiety and uncertainty gripping Americans right now. Are you one of the many who feel the  same way?  Are you worried about job security, your retirement, increasing debt, your children’s college education fund?  Seriously, who isn’t?  Here’s what I know…..People are not necessarily looking for an opportunity, but they are looking for a solution. And, I can help you with that.  I had no previous experience in the industry (just read what I did the previous 2+ decades)  and was able to hit the second highest position in my business in under a year.  In this industry, that is rare and I am only aware of a few others who have accomplished that goal.  If you want to learn how I did it, I can show you.

There is a reason networking is the hottest, newest, must have skill.  Hello, have you heard of Facebook? Twitter? Social networking “is” Network Marketing put on the internet! (Haven’t you heard there really is “no” original idea???).  Networking has been getting plenty of attention from today’s busy professionals and the network marketing business model is quickly becoming a popular new option for people from many different walks of life.

Its popularity is skyrocketing.  Want to know why?

1. The Economy
We can all agree that the economy has been on a downward spiral for more than a few years. At first, many people assumed that things would rebound quickly. They haven’t, so people are becoming more willing to try new things. While the network marketing business model isn’t new, it is something that people may have overlooked back when the economy was thriving. Timing is everything and the economy is in your favor right now because people are open and looking for options. People are looking for a “solution” and showing them a way to control their own income source is the answer.

2. A Lack of Job Security
Many people who are already gainfully employed are starting these types of businesses on a part-time basis. In many cases, it is due to a lack of job security. After watching their colleagues being laid off at random, many people are coming to realize that nothing is guaranteed.  The days of working for and being loyal to a company for 25+ years with the expectation they will take care of you during your retirement years are history.  People are waking up and quite a few of them are striking out on their own…and they are calling me.

3. Increased Consumer Debt
The housing crisis has converged with the crippled economy to cause skyrocketing debt in many households. In order to chip away at their debt, many professionals are giving this business model a chance.  The lure of unlimited income is a huge draw.  How else are people going to get the extra income to get ahead of the situation? Most do not have a plan. Hope is not a plan.  I can help you fix that problem.

4. High Unemployment
Thousands of jobs are being lost, and new ones aren’t being created in their wake. People leaving the workforce today, all 14 million of them, will face enormous competition and be re-entering the work force with a tech savvy generation. It’s decidedly not the case with networking businesses, which continue to be viable options for just about anyone. If you can talk, you can build a network marketing business!

5. A Proven Business Model
This is not a new concept, although I had never been introduced to it by anyone!  Hard to believe..I know.   It’s one of the most powerful distribution systems in the world, giving ordinary people the vehicle to control their income and make extraordinary income.  The Internet has actually transformed it into one of today’s most exciting and lucrative wealth building systems. Success stories abound online.  You can find clear and convincing evidence of the reliability and potential of this line of work. Or just call me.

6. Unlimited Income Potential
In a traditional career, it is usually difficult – if not downright impossible – to earn more than a predefined salary. Other than the occasional bonus or overtime pay, it isn’t easy for people to get ahead. That is not the case with network marketing. You are the one in control of your own paycheck. It’s a beautiful thing.

7. Learning New Skills is Easy
After being in one industry for years, it is virtually impossible for a person to dust himself off and start all over again in a whole new line of work. After all, he has to go up against people who have a lot more experience than he does. With direct selling, learning the skills that are needed is a snap.  You just need to be willing.  That’s who network marketing companies look for, the willing.  Willing to work. Willing to be coached. Willing to pay the price.  Every wealth building business has a system. You will be coached and mentored and given the opportunity to learn the skill set to achieve success.

8. No Major Investment is Required
In the past, people often shied away from the idea of home-based businesses because they often involved major financial investments. After all, many people are struggling financially right now. There’s not a lot of extra cash floating around out there, and major capital is not required in order to get the ball rolling.

9. There’s Nothing to Lose!!!!
In terms of risk, people have nothing to lose when it comes to giving network marketing a chance. The only investments that are typically required in the beginning are time and dedication. The harder that a professional works the higher his earning potential will be, unlike my former corporate career.

10. Thousands are Already Doing It
There are currently thousands of successful network marketers in the world today, and there is room for plenty more of them. There is a lot of money to be made. Tapping into it is as simple as doing a small amount of research and giving it a try. In a world of decreasing employment opportunities, a crippled real estate market and a faltering economy, this is one industry that shines bright and strong.

So, my advice to you is research the company, its history and track record, the management (extremely important), the model and the compensation plan and the TIMING. Our industry is worth investigating. There’s a reason Robert Kiyosaki (bestselling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) wrote a book about it!  Read “The Business of the 21st Century.” You won’t be able to sleep when you are done!!!

Ciao,  Gina! XO