Time Will Either Promote You Or Expose You.

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I’ve been slacking! I have been distracted for a couple of weeks taking care of business!

But today I woke up and said, I need to write so I can get away from all the political news! GOOD GRIEF!

I need to hide all TV remotes and avoid all news websites to stay away from the constant and repetitive reporting and analysis on every little move the presidential candidates make and every sentence they utter. Do we really have to endure this for the next 9 ½ months?

Yes, unless you live under a rock.

These 24 hour news channels regurgitate the same information every hour on the hour! Now the stakes are getting higher so the negative attacks and accusations are in full swing –and it’s quite entertaining watching grown adults wrestle in the mud. And to think…. one of them will be the new leader of the free world in a few months!

Now the reason I start my day with the news is because of my mother. She told me that I should always know about current events so I could be a sparkling and interesting conversationalist. LOL

Every morning while I’m having coffee, I read the headlines online for about 10-15 minutes. It’s just my routine. I get up to speed about what’s happening in the world so I can be a prepared and informed citizen. 🙂  Oh yeah, and a sparking conversationalist.  Thanks Mom.

But she also warned me that there’s 3 things I should never discuss or get tricked into discussing with anyone.

They are 1) Religion 2) Politics and 3) Other People’s Children.  Not necessarily in that order.

She said those subjects should be off limits in social situations. “They are polarizing topics and it never goes well. People are too emotional and passionate about them. It won’t go well. So zip it.”

So I heeded this advice. I don’t participate even if the bait is fresh! Trust me, it doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. I have an opinion about everything but I exercise restraint and sometimes it’s not easy!

When I look at the political news today and I watch all the shenanigans and the self-promotion, I just think about this one concept.

                           Time will either promote you or expose you.

So it will be interesting to see who is standing tall at the end of the current political race. Someone will be promoted and someone will be exposed for who they really are. It shall be very interesting.

This also applies to your own life, not just a politician’s. You are 100% responsible for your own life and only you determine your outcomes. Only you are responsible for how you feel, the actions you take, the choices you make and the results you create. Everything starts with a decision. And those decisions, whether big or small are the reason you are at the place your at! Your life, at this moment, is an accumulation of all the choices you have made or didn’t make up until now. So take responsibility for your own life and circumstances. Own it. Own the decisions you have made so far and if you need to change something, change it.

Speaking of the news, decisions and exposure!  Let’s review some recent headlines…..

Musical Artist Beyonce performed at the SuperBowl and made a decision to tackle a very sensitive “black lives matter” subject and is now dealing with boycotts and backlash from police officers in Miami who refuse to work for her upcoming concert.   She’s in quite a firestorm at the moment.

Kanye West’s decision to take to social media and announce to the world that he’s $53 Million in debt along with his decisionto have a “recorded” backstage SNL meltdown have sparked concern for the rapper’s mental health.

NFL Player Johnny Manziel is under a media microscope and criticized for his decisions which caused a series of run ins with the law, which could adversely affect his career as a professional football player.

Everything in life starts with a decision (big or small) and over time, you will either be promoted or exposed.  It makes you think about the important choices you make doesn’t it?

Only YOU are responsible for how you feel, the actions you take, the choices you make and the results you create. That’s how it works. Give some thought to yours!



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