Some people would rather be called stupid than lazy………….

Do you think you need to have super intelligence to be successful in life?  Do you think stacking up the degrees will guarantee it? Hey, I’m not dissing getting good grades. In fact, I am on my kids every day to do their homework, study and do their best.  But I am really promoting the “process”. I want them to work for the grades. I want them to know what discipline feels like.

I remember all those advanced math and science courses I took.  I sat there having this conversation with myself…”When will I ever need to know this stuff?…I hate this…I am right brained…I hate numbers, calculations and I definitely do not need to know how to dissect a pig.”  It was hard for me. I wanted to poke my eyes out!  I remember dropping the hard courses.  Was it because I thought maybe I was too stupid or did I just “decide” it was not worth the work and so I just quit??  Hmmmmm.

Isn’t it amazing that we’d rather call ourselves stupid than lazy? At least laziness is easy to fix. Well, for some. 🙂

The world is full of excuse makers and some people may say that they are not gifted or talented or smart enough to play an instrument, do math calculations, write a book, whatever.   That’s NUTS.  Sure, it’s certainly possible they may not have God Given talent, the stuff that exists for one in a million.  But too stupid to do something that millions and millions of people can do? I’m not buying it.

Call it as it is and live with it (or not). I’m just not willing to believe we’re as stupid as we pretend to be.  Millions and millions of people do what I do all over the world, but the ones who achieve success have decided they are not stupid and they are definitely not lazy.

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