Boys Are Just Trouble

Portrait of an attractive fashionable young brunette woman.

For the past 4 weeks, I have been witnessing, hearing about, and giving advice to a bunch of drop dead gorgeous, in shape, charismatic, super smart, fun, outgoing sorority sisters on their trials and tribulations of dating boys…from ages 19-23.

To be young again…!!!

When they ask me for advice, I tell them boys are bad, LOL…and to focus on themselves, date a million guys, travel every weekend and never give up their power…and most importantly…be mysterious.

That’s hard to do in the age of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Everyone documents their every move.

“Look, here’s what I ate for breakfast, I was at the gym at noon, I went to class at 2, I had a Starbucks at 4….”

Where is the mystery girls??? Just get off social media for 24 hours and then watch all hell break loose.  “Where are you at?  Why are you not replying? I miss you? Can we talk? Can I see you tomorrow?

Ahhhhhh…the shift of power.

Sorry guys. I see the pattern over and over again. It’s actually quite interesting to observe from the sidelines. As soon as one of these guys has the upper hand, the games begin. And since we chicks are extremely emotional, we don’t handle the games very well.

And it’s all very unnecessary.

I know it’s easier said than done where there are heart strings involved, but make sure when you start a relationship that the words and behavior match up. If they don’t, it’s a red flag. Guys at this age want it both ways. On Monday they want a girlfriend and by the weekend, they want to be frat boys which often leads to bad decisions and bad behavior. And afterward, when something needs fixing, it’s all done via texting, which can just exacerbate the problem they are trying to fix!

Let me repeat, NO serious boyfriends in college.

First of all, never in one place, one town, one state, have I seen more beautiful girls with crazy potential. I think it’s something in the AZ water.

I personally think the young guys in Arizona are spoiled rotten. Many of them are not even cute and they have no game. They are just lucky –lucky to live and go to school in this state. Here, you can’t walk 10 feet without breaking your neck to look at a pretty girl. Most of the time, even in winter, clothes are minimal which means staying in shape is a top priority. Bottom line, they are all hot.

That’s why U of A and ASU are consistently ranked the sexiest colleges with the hottest girls every single year. It must be the sunshine because they all gravitate here.  I attended a sorority event recently and there had to be 700-800 people in the room. A slide show started introducing all the new girls to the sisterhood and I am telling you every single headshot they flashed on the screen could have been a cover shot for Vogue. I have never seen anything like it.

So yes, the guys have many options in AZ, and they really don’t appreciate how lucky they are.  I tell the girls they should fly to a different state one weekend and see the difference in how they are treated. They would have guys tripping over their feet. They would stand out versus blend.

So girls, as you head back to college, take this dating advice with you.

Rule #1          No serious boyfriends in college

Rule #2           Date many boys, travel and have fun

Rule #3           Let them chase you

Rule #4           If he’s a game player, ditch him

Rule #5           If he makes you feel bad, ditch him

Rule #6           If he doesn’t make you feel good, ditch him

Rule #7           Disappear from social media

Rule #8           Be mysterious

Rule # 9          Never EVER give up your power

Rule #10        Watch how he treats his Mom

Rule #10 is just a yard stick to go by. Just trust me on this. If he was was raised right and he has a healthy respect for women, you will see it in the way they treat their mama.

And if it’s good, you will want to date that guy.

So girls, it’s been a fun several weeks observing all the shenanigans and counseling you with the wisdom I’ve earned and gained over many years.

Good luck and stay single and fabulous until you are 30!

Love Gina.




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