Brock the Artist!

BrockLast Monday, I went out for happy hour with my girlfriend Via who is my long time friend. Our friendship actually started in AZ when I walked into a fitness place in Scottsdale, two months pregnant, and asked for the best female trainer they had. I had just moved to Scottsdale and did not have one girlfriend in AZ.

That was 17 years ago. Little did I know they would supply me with years of crazy, fun experiences with my “sister from another mister” and fellow Aries buddy! We are a lot alike and born just 2 days apart but I’m the older one. She’s 7 years younger. Much of the shenanigans during these years with Via could be a stand alone best seller with scenes straight out of a movie. The dates, the relationships, the bar crawls, the marraiges, becoming mothers and all the craziness, sadness, happiness and laughter in between. I can talk to her about anything and visa versa. It’s like a secret Aries code. We talk, we drink, we laugh, we advise, we vent, we gossip and it’s like the best therapy session you could ask for. The price tag is only a couple of vodka sodas and in Via’s case, an extra chilled straight up Titos Martini with a squeeze of orange or lime, depending on the mood that night. LOL.

We are both so busy all the time, so we make the time around Christmas to get together. Via is a nutrionist and personal trainer by trade but has managed a fitness center for a very exclusive country club in AZ for 15 ½ years. She is loved by all of her clients for her expertise in fitness but you cannot help but fall in love with her larger than life personality. She’s like a walking magnet.

Nine years ago she was blessed with becoming a mother to an incredible son. His name is Brock. Today she is single mom and may I emphasize an incredible one. Brock is on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s Syndrome and when he was diagnosed, she not only educated herself about it, but she completely altered and transformed her life to accommodate his.

She was telling me how amazingly well he is doing and she shared a typical day in her life. Many would not be able to handle it.  Everything is a routine and everything is timed and scheduled. Everything from the time they wake up, the short list of food he likes to eat without deviation, the time they eat breakfast down to the exact minute, the way in which they systematically and routinely get in the car each morning, the play dates and secret code words they use to communicate to one another.  It was amazing how Via has structured her life to handle these unique demands. Brock is on zero medication. She handles everything behaviorally and with routine, tons of love and patience and a great support system.  If the routine is compromised in any way, this could create a 10 minute or 3 hour meltdown (as she described it).  She was just sharing, not looking for me to feel sorry for her.  This is her new normal. More than anything, I think she just wants people on the outside like me to just understand her world.  For Via, spending three hours at a restaurant with a close friend is when she truly has normalcy outside of her own home.  Something many of us take for granted.

Brock is not only adorable, but he is also brilliant and has a very “I know what I want” personality just like his Mama. We laugh because she was telling me how at only 9 years old he told her it was her job to get him an agent and help make him famous and then proceeded to tell her what his fee shall be. The apple did not fall far from the tree!

See, Brock is an amazing artist. He already has his own business cards, and his own website so he can create a custom piece of artwork for his customers for $6 each. Just fill out the contact form and voila!  You will have your very own fun illustration underway!

Check out his website

I have received many Christmas cards this season but this was my favorite. She handed it to me and said this is a Brock Original. I love his entrepreneurial spirit and I would love to help make Brock famous!   Please share his website!

Love Gina.


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