Tap Into A Need That Already Exists

If you are selling the juiciest, tastiest cheeseburgers in the world, but no one is hungry, they aren’t buying them.

When you are talking to your prospects about your business, find out if they are hungry first!  You must do one thing effectively.  You must tap into a need that already exists for them.  You need to enter the conversation that is already going on in their head.  Through conversation and becoming a better “listener” you will pick up on some clues.  Listen for something that may be causing them worry, stress, anxiety about their business.  What is their pain?

When I am talking to people about my business, I always ask questions about their business and I barely talk about my company.  As the conversation continues, eventually you will pick up on something that will be a concern for them.  Their sales are down, they need more conversions, more traffic, a new website, unclear about how to spend their marketing dollars or they are clueless about social media.

Business owners are entrepreneurs.  They are action oriented.  They are decisive.  They don’t require 7 meetings to make a decisions about their business.  They don’t have time, so don’t waste it.  Get right to the point.  Find out their pain point and offer the solution.  I do it every single day. I get the appointment.  Once you are in the door, it’s about BRT, building a relationship of trust.   SMBs need a trusted advisor who can help them achieve their goals and objectives.  More on that later………………….

Ciao, Gina!

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