Is it a Sign?


So this just happened.  In a 6 week period, I got 3 random phone calls from 3 different people wanting me to speak or train, all with different companies or events.

It’s been about 3 years since I was on stage, but I was flattered. I mean, they remembered me.

Then I started thinking about it. Is this a sign? Why is the universe sending me this message? During the past three years, I started two more businesses and neither of them required me having to speak in front of hundreds or thousands of people anymore. I have interest but what is my new platform?

  • Entrepreneurship?
  • Leadership?
  • Grinding?
  • Multiple Streams of Income?
  • Overcoming Fear?
  • Being Obsessed?
  • Building Businesses?
  • Networking?
  • Mastery?

I actually realized that this has been missing in my career…in my life. I love inspiring and training people. I love making an impact. I’m addicted to positive, enthusiastic people. I love grinders. I love people who want to learn and grow and get better and better. I love speaking. I love working.

But I’m busy. I have 3 teenagers. I am their personal Uber. I run 4 businesses and one of them is massive growth and momentum. But, the entrepreneur in me says, if it’s a good opportunity and it this makes me money, I think I may consider it. Time is money and my motto is always have multiple flows of income.

Stay tuned because this could involve you……….Ciao, GW


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