One of my famous lines…

“Why draw when you can trace? Why trace when you can copy?”

And ironically enough, I have “copied” that saying from someone else and I repeat it often. The minute I heard it, I was like… that’s brilliant and it’s true. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as an original idea. There are extensions, improvements and new iterations of ideas, but other than the creation of the universe, what is truly original?

I listed “some” of the major things that I have experienced so far in my life, and there’s a lot more- many I can’t write about lol.   Every one of them were pretty big “things” but hardly original; and in every case someone else learned to do it before I did.

Growing up, Graduating School, Playing Sports, Leaving for College, Getting a Job, Dating, Planning a Wedding, Marriage, Divorce, Having a Baby, Being a Single Mom, Step Parenting, Buying a house, Buying a car, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Investing, Starting a Business, Building a Business, Selling a Business, Public Speaking, Traveling …

Is there really anything that you are going to hear or see or experience in your lifetime that someone hasn’t already thought about or done or experienced? And isn’t it true that if you just paid attention and sought out the people who have preceded you in any these areas, couldn’t you figure out and learn how to do it for yourself?

My list above looks sort of boring, but I promise you, the details surrounding all of those things, which I already survived, could be a reality TV show and NY Times best seller. I can’t tell you how many people over the years have begged me to film one or write one. I may just do both. Just keep reading my blog and you will be thoroughly entertained with stories. I just have to figure out how to keep all the characters anonymous to protect the guilty, the innocent and the stupid!

Trust me, I am just warming up.

I had someone recently say to me, why are you successful at whatever? I mean, how are you successful at whatever you do? I didn’t really think about it until she asked me. But the truth is, I have been successful at whatever I put my mind to and my energy behind. I do not set out to fail. I don’t even consider it. Once I make a decision to do something, it’s like a lion just got released from its cage. I don’t mess around. It’s game on. I work tirelessly to ensure I won’t fail. It’s like I have an extra gear or something.

In many cases, I had zero experience. ZERO. Whether it was running a multi-million dollar sports marketing and motorsports program for a Fortune 30 or learning how to step parent, I figured it out along the way. (Both were equally challenging by the way).

I had to learn to be resourceful and that’s one of my greatest skills. I always rely on that. I stay resourceful and seek the information and of course, with knowledge comes power. Hardly a new concept people!

That’s why we have the internet. It’s all out there. So many endless resources at the click of the mouse.

That’s why we have teachers.So we can learn from subject matter experts who have spent years and decades learning so they can share their knowledge perspective.

That’s why we have parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. So we can get endless advice and wisdom from the ones who have gone before us and have the stories to prove it.

That’s why we have coaches. So we can become better at the one thing they have already learned and mastered and that’s why they are qualified to teach it.

That’s why we have mentors. So we can be guided down a career path and reach the level of success they already have.

Now in full disclosure, I’m not saying I haven’t failed before because I have been in situations where it was impossible to succeed, and I have really learned from those experiences. Interestingly though, it was always when I was not in full control of the situation.

So here’s what I know after earning all this infinite wisdom. I bet on Gina. I invest in Gina. I trust Gina. I listen to Gina.

I know my level of intuition is extraordinary and as long as I put myself in control of the ship, the intentions will be in the right place and the execution will follow.

Be resourceful and seek out all the necessary information and trust your gut.




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