Tip: Understand the difference between sales and marketing and use them both!

sales-marketing-sign1It’s a matter of perspective what we have to offer.  It’s a matter of motive to whom we are offering it.  I always listen to different perspectives on this subject, Sales vs. Marketing. I’ve heard “nothing happens until someone sells something” or “the product sells itself”  or  “it’s not selling, it’s sharing” yada yada.  With that perspective, you will fall flat on your face.

The world doesn’t beat a path to your door simply because someone has a better product, service or opportunity.  The world beats a path to your door if you do a good job of letting the world know about it.  That’s marketing.  Great products are a dime a dozen.  It’s great marketing and great salesmanship that are hard to come by!   And nothing else in business matters if good sales and marketing aren’t being used.  Period.

When you try to “sell” something to someone, it’s your decision being forced on them. When someone “wants to buy” something, it’s their decision. The difference lies in whose decision it is.

When it’s the seller’s decision, there’s resistance from the start and the process is not fun.  When it’s the buyer’s decision, it’s easy, fun, and a win-win for everyone. Give your customers or prospects what they already want.  Create a situation where people buy or join on their own.  Good marketing is tapping into a need that already exists.  If you are not doing that, nothing else you do matters.

As network marketers, it’s no different.  Don’t believe everyone wants what we have. Does everyone really want what we have or do we just think they do?  Make sure you are tapping into a need that already exists with your prospect.  Build report quickly and discover that  early in your conversation.  Be focused on providing a solution for them, and don’t be focused on selling the opportunity you have.

Because in the end, “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

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