T’was the Night at Super Walmart

Depositphotos_35123705_s-2015If something can get me to Walmart during the endless nights before Christmas, it would be a little six year old girl who I have never had the pleasure of meeting. She is more of an imaginary friend at this point; one I think, I won’t out grow.  But here I am at Super Walmart, walking through the aisles totally fascinated because you can literally spend 24 hours in here and satisfy almost every need. Almost. Some things money can’t buy and I am here tonight to do just that — provide kindness and love for a little stranger. How did it come to that?

Here is the scoop.

My son participates in community service programs with his high school basketball team, which I love.  They teach the boys to give back to their community and make a difference.  This holiday season the boys are visiting and volunteering at a children’s home this Saturday.  This home is for children who are separated from their parents, which must be especially hard during this time of year.  They help the kids form long-term relationships with stable parental figures who prepare them for life, and even success.  Each home houses 10 children and has 2 house parents. They have a school, church, cafeteria, farm, gym and warehouse on the property on many acres. I get a feeling we need more homes like this.

This year our boys were asked to shop for a specific child and bring them something they wrote on their Christmas wish list.  My son plays the Christmas angel for a little girl that I just can’t stop thinking about. Her name is Alexus and she’s only 6 years old.  She asked for jeans, a shirt, shoes, an alarm clock and a cuddly toy from Walmart.  Walmart must be, in her innocent mind, the equivalent of Santa’s Toy store. My son has never met her, but while looking for the items on her list, I could see the tips of his ears growing more and more elf-like 🙂 while my heart grows fonder of him.  All we know about this girl is that she loves animals and is very athletic.  There are no toys or games on the list–none–just the necessities, things most children take for granted.  And as much as he wants to pack the “Super” and the “Walmart” in the cart, he was instructed to stick to the items on the list.

It’s been years since I had to buy anything for a 6 year old girl. But you can’t go wrong with pink where six years old are concerned, right?  It was fun to help pick out her new jeans and ultimately settle on a pink long sleeved shirt and new pink running sneakers to complete the outfit.  Now it’s off to find the softest, snuggliest plush puppy dog in the store- this being very important.  We were getting her all the things on her list, and my son wanted to make sure it’s perfect.  He was decided, then undecided. This is what shopping will do to the mind of males. Let them deal with everyday choices between “a” and “b’ and possibly “c” and they get stuck. Can’t multi-task, men that is.

“Mom, do you think she likes skinny jeans or boot leg jeans? Faded or dark blue ones?  Should we get pink or white or blue sneakers?  Do you think she likes pink? Doesn’t every girl likes pink? But you don’t wear pink, why don’t you? Don’t you like it?

She asked for shoes, but it says she’s athletic so should we get new running sneakers or just shoes? Maybe she likes basketball. Or maybe she wants everyday shoes? Should be buy slippers as well? MOM???!

I think the alarm clock needs a radio for sure so she can wake up to music. The stuffed animal has to be extra soft but should we get a dog or a teddy bear? If she likes sports may be she likes dogs, but if she is into dolls and stuff, then may be a teddy bear. I think if she likes animals, she probably will like either one.”

It went on for an hour. Back and forth. Finally, we had everything and we were just hoping it would fit and she would like it all.

I have to say it was more fun and meaningful to shop for Alexus than anyone else so far this year.  I just keep thinking about when my kids were 6 and in the first grade because it truly is such a precious and magical age!  It should be precious and it must be magical! The world should be a wonderful place, we should all live in peace and each child should have two loving parents, with their heads screwed on the right way…

I keep thinking about Alexus, her circumstances and the challenges she now faces growing up.  But on the flip side, I am thankful she is at this children’s home with 9 other children to bond and play with and two amazing people to help care for her and guide her day in and day out.

Merry Christmas Miss little Alexus!

Hope you have a blessed holiday and sparkle in your brand new outfit, wake up to your alarm and beautiful soft music every morning, run faster than all the boys with your new running sneakers and sleep tight with your new cuddly puppy dog every night!!

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