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quotes-let-go-tony-robbins-600x411I think I hoard clothes and unknowingly create clutter. I cannot believe how many clothes are in my freaking closet, which obviously I have accumulated over years and years. Shoes, boots, sneakers, clothes, purses, jackets, coats, blazers, dress pants, jeans, shirts, tennis skirts, golf clothes, shorts, tanks etc. I have business attire, work out attire, casual attire, evening attire, tennis attire, something for every occasion. It wasn’t until last week that I actually decided to stop ignoring all the crap in my closet and just start ripping things off hangers and putting them in giant Hefty bags. All of which were delivered to Good Will on New Year’s Eve Day.

The question? When the hell was the last time I wore this? You would be surprised at some of my answers. Like 2009? Bahahahahaha. More importantly is it even in style? And MOST importantly…does it even fit anymore? Now that’s the depressing one.

I literally entertained myself because some of the stuff I found was so hideous and I immediately wondered if there was any photo proof of me wearing any of it. If there was, it would be burned. LOL

If someone walked into my closet they would be horrified. Nothing is organized by season or color. Well actually the main color is BLACK so what’s the point? I don’t have everything 1 inch apart hanging perfectly on hangers. I have stuff everywhere. And I wonder why I always have a fashion crisis when I am looking for the one thing I cannot find because it’s stuck somewhere in the mess. I always envy the girlfriends that have a closet so meticulously organized. All shoes facing a certain way, all hangers uniform and facing one direction, everything zipped up and unwrinkled.

But then I think, they must have an assistant that does this for them or they have nothing to do all day. I could not imagine taking or wasting the time on such a mindless task. I’m sure I’m insulting someone here but there are so many more important things to do with my time! And in my house the closet suffers.

Then it occurred to me. I wear the same clothes every day, every week. It’s like the 80-20 rule. I wear the same 20% of the same stuff consistently. I’m always seeing same clothes in the laundry. And the other 80% is taking up A LOT of space in my overly cluttered closet. Every once in a while I break out of my routine and don something trendy. But it never lasts long. I am more of a classic dresser. I have a certain style. I know what looks good on me and what doesn’t. I’m a winter. Why would I own anything terracotta color? Just Saying? What was I thinking?

I have two choices. I can hire an assistant or downsize. It’s too much work. I am going to force myself to keep the 20% and donate the rest. But I know what will happen. With all this extra space I will be tempted to fill it and buy more clothes when the mood strikes and I get in an online shopping mode. It’s a vicious cycle! I think I need therapy or I will always have a cluttered closet! If you are like me, clean your closet this year. It feels good. Out with the old! Embrace the NEW!

Now, I am not just talking about clothes people! Remember those clothes I mentioned from 2009 that are old, out of style, and don’t fit anymore? Stay with me for a minute. Think of this a little more symbolically. The clothes are like the relationships, habits, behaviors and situations that you are still holding on too. You should make a decision to give them away and unclutter your closet.

Ask yourself this question. Even if they still fit, would you put them back on? For me the answer was clearly a NO. It doesn’t work for me anymore. It probably never worked but I tried it anyway. That’s ok. Trying new things is important. But knowing when to make peace with yourself and accept it wasn’t your “thing” and then having the courage to say Bub-Bye.

Does that relationship work for you anymore or does it just fill up space?
What about that unfulfilling job or career?
The extra 10 pounds?
The feeling sorry for yourself?
The fear about making a decision and letting go of the things that used to bring you happiness and comfort, but only create anxiety, or depression or loneliness now?

Maybe at the time, it was trendy and cool or you were feeling good in that moment. I get it. I have a list of questionable choices that I have made.

But I know that at my particular age, a certain degree of wisdom kicks in. I know who I am. I know what I like. I know what works. I have my priorities in the right order. I say “No” and don’t feel guilty saying it. I don’t feel pressure to do things or go places I have no interest going. I know the kind of people I want to be around. I care less about what people think. I have identified the jealous ones and the toxic ones and removed them from my closet. I am not seeking or searching or trying to fit in. It simply all adds up to a lot of clutter.

I’ve always been candid and honest and my friends know I don’t sugar coat things. But this year in particular I have a lower tolerance for accumulating clutter so I can make room for the things that really matter to me. How about you?

Everything in life starts with a decision.

Love Gina. If you are a hoarder of clothes and things, share your story with me at

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